Our cloud based billing, sales and CRM platform is an innovative Next Generation billing, back-office management and business processes platform designed with dealer networking in mind and is representative of a quantum leap forward from outdated legacy based billing platforms.

Complex made easy

With a simple and intuitive interface that allows for complex billing of traditional telecoms, mobile, hosted and utility services. The Amaya platform has been designed to offer variable tariffs, provide detailed margin analysis and commissioning for your dealers and sales agents.

Outstanding Pedigree

Using almost 20 years of telecom’s reseller billing experience, the Amaya billing platform provides you with the tools you need to grow your telecoms company.

Reporting at any level

Instantly get a helicopter view of your sales and revenue. Including averages and growth charts. With the ability to drill down to individual customers.

Quotes not guesses

Take the guesswork out of sales margins by verifying the margins that your sales agents or dealers are using. The system can automatically calculate the margins based on your wholesale costs. Ensuring you never make a sale without a profitable margin, while also enabling your sales team to quote an exact price to the end user.

Amaya: The fluid billing solution delivering
  • Service
  • Independence
  • Freedom

Why have just a billing system?

With Amaya you get Billing, Support and Sales CRM all in one simple solution.
Make the switch to a simple billing solution.
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Amaya Sales CRM

Amaya Sales CRM gives you insights into running your business by providing you with the information you need in a way that you can use it.

Manage all of your sales information easily in one convenient place. Amaya Sales CRM is packed with automations, integrations and innovations that are fully linked to billing and customer support.

Fully logged - Automatic emailing of sales activity reports:

  • Leads consumed
  • Daily Sales agent register
  • Deals and targets
  • Industry targeting reports

Sales War board including:

  • last deals by agent
  • Team totals

Welcome call tracking on 3, 7 and 12 days

Manage and monitor sales calls backs with full logging and categorising

Maintain sales pipelines with order completions options

Log and monitor cancellations by type and agent

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