Fully Converged Billing Solution

Provide flexible, rating and billing for all voice, data, broadband, content, and video services

Our cloud based billing, sales and CRM platform is an innovative Next Generation billing, back-office management and business processes platform designed with dealer networking in mind and is representative of a quantum leap forward from outdated legacy based billing platforms.

In today’s complex and dynamic business environment service providers and operators are focused on maximizing customer lifetime value, bringing high-margin products and services to market quickly, controlling the cost of service delivery, and gaining optimal visibility and control of captured revenues.

Service providers and operators are demanding solutions that can quickly support current and future services, product offerings, and business models, and that leverage the entire subscriber base while delivering proven and measurable business value every step of the way.

Amaya is a carrier-grade solution designed to allow Communications Service Providers (CSP) to collect consumption data, provide flexible real-time charging, rating and billing, produce customizable invoices, process payments/credits/discounts, and manage debt collection.

Single charging and billing system

Single charging and billing system that is flexible, integrated, and converged

Increase revenues

Increase revenues through innovative business and monetization models

Integrated Products

Utilises a single Billing architecture to support prepaid-postpaid and wireline-wireless convergence with a single set of integrated products

Multi-level Customer Hierarchies

Support multi-level customer hierarchies to reflect budget centers with corporate invoicing schema.

Customize Invoice Templates

Customize invoice templates with tokens to place accounting information anywhere

One Bill

Convergent service presentment on invoice capabilities (one-bill)


Rating and synchronization

Ensure complex partner settlement

Ensure complex partner settlement while preventing revenue leakage

Manage reseller settlement

Manage reseller settlement anywhere in the value chain

Accurate Billing

Supports DID, IP, VoIP alias, network elements, and user defined resources providing full audit trail and accurate billing

Reseller Functionality

Full reseller functionality – parent-child trees and billing

Physical and Virtual Service Offering

Manage your physical and virtual service offering assets within Amaya

Amaya is designed to allow Communication Service Providers (CSP) improve operational efficiency, while delivering high-quality customer service in today’s competitive marketplace.

The unique software protects valuable revenue streams through its fraud management capabilities, leakage free CDR rating and REVENUE and FEATURE assurance functionality.

ebbs Rating and Billing is a full-featured, centrally managed platform enabling service providers to deliver, bill and control a variety of billing and administration services at the customer level.

Designed to offer a flexible single or multi-point deployment the system effectively provisions, rates, mediates and bills IP services (voice, video, data, or content) regardless of the delivery medium: wireless, fixed wireless, DSL, cable, dial-up, satellite, etc.)