Sales CRM

Amaya Sales CRM unites your customer-facing teams with a single all-in-one software solution and provides them with visibility of every sales interaction. Empower your sales teams with the technology they need to give your customers a better experience. Unlike other approaches that involve separate products, Amaya Sales CRM is a fully integrated part of the billing and provisioning solution. This gives your customer-facing teams a 360-degree, contextual view of your customers across all touch points to provide a seamless and consistent experience at every stage of the telecoms journey.

Features include:

Sales Activity Reports – Fully logged with automatic emailing of:

Leads viewed

View by teams or induvial users the leads they have viewed and consumed. Track contacts and results filtering on multiple options including industry.

Daily Sales agent register

See at a glance who’s logged in and at what time.

Deals and targets

Assign targets and see real time stats on the teams and sales agents. Group and filter Deals to see target regions, industries and agents

Industry reports

Monitor sales activities by industry – target industries and evaluate team or individual sales agent’s effectiveness in the industry.

Cancellation reports

See overviews and details of customer cancellations, agent’s total cancellations and trending reasons for cancellations.

Sales War board – Real time war boards for instant sales status updates showing:

  • Last deals by – see who had the last deal and when.
  • Team totals – group sales agents by teams and see totals and percentages targets
  • Top agents list – Instantly see a top 10, 20 etc view of agents by deals.

Welcome call tracking

Prompt and log sales agents call backs for new client’s welcome calls. Monitor day 3, 7 and 12 calls and results.

Manage and monitor sales calls backs with full logging and categorising

Allow agents to flag call backs for future contacts. Categorise the call backs by status and reason with reporting on any filter

Maintain sales pipelines with order completions options.

Pipeline partial deals for call backs at a later date with notes and status reason. All while keeping the details already saved in order to speed the completion of the deal.