Support CRM

Stand out from the crowd with a service that leaves your customers smiling. Amaya support CRM empowers your customer service teams with everything they will need to effectively track, manage and resolve issues — including technical support, billing and returns.

Monitor and track features include:

Allow end users to raise tickets from their own ‘myaccount’ portal

  • End users can see invoices and payment details
  • Raise their own trouble tickets and monitor the status in real time

Automatically create welcome packs

Includes posting, emailing and texting. With brochure attachments.

Automatically display fully scripted ‘recorded contract’ prompts

‘Just read what is on the screen’ with logging and pipeline status.

Simple and easy to complete Deal Sheets for Sales or Customer service

Job tracking – Monitor Support staff to see:

  • Quantity, type and duration of inbound calls answered
  • Raise support cases and view in war board
  • View and update live cases in real time

Track provisioning of lines, mobiles and broadband with full tracking and Customer Service dashboards.

Log and provide management reports for cancellations

Validate customers

Validate customers to see if they have outstanding invoices or have migrated before wasting customer service time on the call.